• 2018 Cypop for Tots!

    2018 Cypop for Tots!

    *Donations are officially closed! Thank you all for your incredible generosity this year in support of Toys for Tots. We’re going to follow-up in another blog post with the final numbers and pictures from our shopping trip. In the meantime, if you want to follow along check us out @burnleyknives and @brnly_brand on Instagram!*


    Thanks for joining our 6th annual 2018 Cypop for Tots raffle! 100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser go to Marine Toys for Tots.

    Entries are $10.00 each, but you can select the number of entries you want to make (more entries means more chances to win and more toys for the kids).

    We’ll run the raffle for approximately 24 hours (ending on the afternoon of Wednesday the 5th), and then go shopping! We’re stoked to be teaming up with our local Police and Fire Departments for Cape Cod’s annual “Stuff a Bus” Toys for Tots challenge! This is a friendly competition between the Police and Fire Departments of Cape Cod to see which town can collect the most toys for kids. While everybody wins, we’re really hoping to help bring home the “W” for our town of Orleans (and deliver lots of cheer in the process).

    After the fundraiser has run for 24 hours, we’ll start shopping. On Sunday, December 9th, the toys we’ve purchased will be picked up from our local Police and Fire Departments and transported to the nearby town of Hyannis where they’ll be “stuffed” into school buses by Marines following a brief parade. Oh, and we’ll be in the parade too. WE. CAN’T. WAIT.

    Due to the fact that we had to shorten our schedule to meet up with “Stuff a Bus,” we’re flying by the seat of our pants to pull this off. We’ve posted some work in progress pictures below, but you may have to use your imagination a little bit until we can get some final photos posted up in a day or so. We’re excited to be adding some new stamps to the Cypop for Tots family…

    Winners will be picked on Monday, December 10th via random number generator, and this year we’re going to pick 26 winners (!!). A few more names will also be pulled for special Steel Flame gear plus some smaller schwag packs.

    One 1st place winner will receive a .375 inch Mokuti “Little Bear” Cypop and matching PopEye bead with our new Cypop for Tots stamps. This is the thickest Mokuti Cypop Luc has ever made! 

    For 2nd place winners, Luc has made 25 Cypops in different materials (Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, and Titanium) and various thicknesses with a variety of stamps. Each features our exclusive Cypop for Tots stamps only released during the Toys for Tots drive. This year, we have some new designs to share! 

    Just for fun, Luc has made 5 PopEyes in different materials. And our friends at Steel Flame have contributed an awesome WHDG lighter with Darkness skull as well as some WHDG EBOs.

    All Cypop and PopEye winners drawn will receive a spot in the Burnley Collector’s Association (AKA “The Brawlers”).

    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support and generosity.


    Work Hard. Do Good.

    Lucas, Maddie, and Barlow

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      When are you going to offer the rose dog tag again. I want one.

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