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  • A History of Our Annual Cypop for Tots

    A History of Our Annual Cypop for Tots

    This year is our 4th annual Cypop for Tots, and we’re hoping it’ll be our best yet. We will begin the raffle starting at 2pm (MDT) on December 14th and run it for 24 hours.

    December is our favorite time of year because we’ve got eggnog on tap and it’s when we get to do our Cypop for Tots fundraiser benefiting the Marine Corps Toys for Tots drive. A charity that’s near and dear to our hearts, Toys for Tots helped Luc and his parents out when he was a little kid. As an adult, he recognizes that the organization isn’t just about toys but about delivering hope to families around the holidays. In the words of Luc, “What better gift can you give than hope?”

    Starting in 2013, Luc began making a special Cypop to raffle off over the course of a 24-hour period with 100% of the raffle proceeds going toward the purchase of toys for a local Toys for Tots organization. The day after the raffle, we put on our Santa hats, gather our families and any helpers who are interested in joining us, and head out to Toys R Us to go shopping.

    In 2013, we ran our first Cypop for Tots drive and our customers raised a collective $2500. We were hooked!

    As we shop, we turn heads with our elf gear and shopping carts packed to the brim. We typically look like fools in the pictures we post on Facebook and Instagram to document the process, but we’re having too much fun to care! What does your $10 raffle ticket purchase go toward, you say? We want to show you!

    n 2014, we ran our Cypop for Tots drive out in Massachusetts and had the help of family and friends on the East Coast. The receipt grew a little bigger…

    Over the years, the smiles we receive, the number of shopping carts we fill, and the length of the receipts continue to grow.

    Last year’s drive in Albuquerque brought in an incredible $10,000. Luc and First Sgt. John Finney stretch the receipt at the Toys for Tots distribution center while the news crew looks on. 

    Last year was our biggest year yet, and the incredibly generous outpouring of support from everyone involved helped to make a huge difference for Albuquerque families. We were able to meet up and shop with a terrific and hardworking team of Marines and volunteers, and then deliver toys to Albuquerque’s Toys for Tots distribution center. Check out the news feature below: 

    Supporting kids and their families around the holidays is enough to put a smile on your face, but this year’s Cypop for Tots, Luc has sweetened the pot with some extra special Cypops and more chances to win. If you’ve read this far, here are a few teasers of what’s to come:

    Work Hard. Do Good.

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