• New Home. New Shop. New England.

    New Home. New Shop. New England.

    Saying goodbye to the old Albuquerque house…

    In case you haven’t been following us the past few months, we’ve made more than a few recent life changes. In June, right on the heels of Blade Show, we welcomed our son Barlow into the world. In July we sold our home and in August we said sayonara to New Mexico and hello to New England (Cape Cod, more specifically).

    Things you might learn in a cross-country move: 1.) Moving cross-country is damn hard 2.) Moving a business cross-country is damn harder 3.) You probably own more crap than you realize 4.) It’s important to have a team of close friends and family to drink a beer with when stuff is good and when stuff is bad 5.) It will take you way longer to get unpacked and back up and running than you ever thought 6.) IKEA is life.

    Moving a shop in a POD is nuts and takes extreme spatial relations skills. 

    The impetus for the move was being closer to family with a new baby, but we figured that would be part of our “five-year plan.” The universe had a slightly different schedule though, and when we found an awesome shop space in the little seaside town where we always come on vacation, we knew we needed to make it happen sooner than later. Plus, Luc always said he would retire by the ocean, so we figured why not make it happen in our 30s instead (except for the whole retirement thing).

    Bought some new signage for the shop when we visited in March…

    It’s still a little surreal that we’re no longer in our old space/home in the desert, but we’re getting used to the sea air, summer traffic, and humidity.

    Luc and Barlow at the beach on a very misty morning. 

    Our day-to-day office setting is a little different and a lot roomier than before, and there’s potential down the road for a small retail area. The move to this new space affords us a lot more opportunities to continue working on great projects and add new ones to our rotation. We’re still getting set up, but it’s feeling really good to come into work every day, unlock the door, and turn on the lights.

    Maddie putting together some IKEA drawers while Barlow “helps.” 

    Needless to say, after months of preparation for this transition, we’re itching to be back on the job. But, we realize that there’s a great potential to really re-think our workspaces and workflow, so we’re trying to do it right the first time and not take any shortcuts during this process.

    One really awesome thing is that we’re in the promised land for machinery now!

    At the moment, Luc’s biggest priorities are getting the grinding room, dust collection, and compressed air up and running–the final steps before he can get back to work and start getting ready for the New York Custom Knife Show in November. It’s still a big “IF,” but we’re trying to make it happen.

    Running airlines. It’s a big looped system that runs off of the new compressor.

    Working on getting the machining “pod” up and running.

    A little light reading. Figuring out where we want the grinders and how to run the dust collection.

    Thank you all for bearing with us these past few months. We’re super excited to begin the next chapter of BRNLY Brand and Burnley Knives, and look forward to bringing you bigger and better things!

  • Blade Show 2017 Schedule

    Blade Show 2017 Schedule
    Burnley Knives
    2017 Blade Show Schedule
    Booth: 635
    Blade Show 2017 is right around the corner, and this year, we couldn’t be more excited–not just because we’ve been looking forward to good southern BBQ for months–but because it’s going to be our biggest show to date!
    Luc has been pulling out all the stops, and we have a couple images of finished knives to share with you. You can also keep up with our progress on Facebook and Instagram and check out the show schedule below. We’re at booth #635 this year–can’t wait to see you there!
    Note: First come, first served Cypop table sales are ONE per show per customer. This is to help give more people a better chance. In other words, if you line up and buy one from us on Friday morning, please don’t queue on Saturday morning. Thanks in advance!
    Friday, June 2nd (Day 1)

    12:00 PM: Show opens for people with VIP passes and Early Bird admission
    • Kwaiken Classics, Peregrines, Kihons, Hucks, Cypops, SlingPops, and other goods will be sold first come, first served.
    • The first 5 people in the VIP / Early Bird line wearing a Burnley Knives shirt (we’ll come find you before the doors open) will be guaranteed the opportunity to purchase a Cypop.
    2:00 PM: Show Opens to the Public
    • Preview of lottery and open bid knives
    2:00 PM – 5:30 PM: Burnley Beep Beep Lottery
    • Burnley Beep Beep lottery tickets available starting at 2:00 PM. Lottery sign-up runs until 4:00 PM. Tickets are limited and will be given out on a first come, first served basis.
    • All names will be drawn by 5:30 PM.
    7:00 PM: Show Closes
    7:00 PM – 9:30 PM: AKTI Free To Carry event @ Kennesaw Ballroom at the Renaissance Waverly
    • Luc has donated an inlaid M69 and a Liner Lock Kwaiken to AKTI’s live auction. If you’re looking to buy a custom piece (and hang out with Luc and some other top makers), this is a really great opportunity away from the madness of the show floor! Plus, 100% of proceeds from the live auction will go to AKTI to help fund their legislative and education efforts. AKTI does a lot for our industry, and the support is greatly appreciated. Check out the knives here
    • Tickets are on sale now ($50), and your entry to the event includes light hor d’oeuvres and a drink ticket.
    • Event details are included here:
    Saturday, June 3rd (Day 2)

    9:00 AM: Show Opens to the Public
    • Kwaiken Classics, Peregrines, Kihons, Hucks, Cypops, SlingPops, and other goods will be sold first come, first served.
    11:00 AM – 2:00 PM: Burnley Beep Beep Lottery
    • Burnley Beep Beep lottery tickets available starting at 11:00 AM. Lottery sign-up runs until 1:00 PM. Tickets are limited and will be given out on a first come, first served basis.
    • All names will be drawn by 2:00 PM.
    11:00 AM – 3:00 PM: Open Bid Knife and Cypop
    • Table bidding starts at 11:00 AM
    • Bidding closes at 3:00 PM (EST). The 5 minute rule applies.
    • Those not attending are welcomed to send bids in via email or our new online form. Details for both will be posted on our website and sent out in a newsletter.
    4:00 PM: Burnley Brawlers Club Lottery @ Room 104
    • We’re trying something a little different this year’s club lottery. Show up and bring your member badge (Burnley issue or USN issue). We’ll run our lottery, and do our annual group photo afterward!
    6:00 PM: Show Closes 
    Sunday, June 4th (Day 3)
    9:00 AM: Show Opens to the Public
    • Come by the booth to say “Hi”! We’ll actually have time to talk!!
    2:00 PM: Show Closes
    2:01 PM: Beer
  • AKTI “Free To Carry” Event

    AKTI “Free To Carry” Event

    AKTI “Free To Carry” event
    Friday, June 2nd @ 7:00PM – 9:30PM
    Kennesaw Ballroom at the Renaissance Waverly


    There’s tons of awesome stuff going on at Blade Show outside of the hustle and bustle of the daily convention routine–sometimes the trick is knowing where to look…

    Join us on the evening of Friday, June 2nd for the second annual American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI) live auction and fundraiser.

    AKTI does a lot for our industry and the knife community at large, and their work and advocacy has a huge impact on the way that we make our living, especially when it comes to their role in educating lawmakers and influencing legislation. Their mission is to ensure that Americans will always be able to own, carry, and use knives. Obviously, that’s something that near and dear to our hearts (and I’m sure yours as well).

    Kwaiken Flipper. CPM154 blade. Green canvas micarta scales with bronze bolsters. M69. CPM154 blade. Titanium frame with green canvas micarta inlays and bronze pivot rings. Photo: Burnley Knives. 

    This year, Luc has donated an inlaid M69 and a Liner Lock Kwaiken to the live auction event, and 100% of proceeds will go to AKTI to help fund their legislative and education efforts. If you’re looking to buy a custom piece (and hang out with Luc and other top makers), this is a really great opportunity away from the madness of the show floor!

    Tickets are on sale now ($50) and your entry to the event includes hor d’oeuvres and a drink ticket. Plus, individuals who purchase a ticket to attend the event will be given an Ambassador individual membership in AKTI.

    AKTI does a lot for our industry, and the support is greatly appreciated. Event details are included below, and we hope to see you there! :

  • 2016 Cypop for Tots Recap!

    2016 Cypop for Tots Recap!

    So. Many. Stuffed. Animals. Can you give us a hand?

    It’s the most wonderful day of the year! This past Friday, we did our Toys for Tots shopping and we thought it would be fun to do a little recap and show you how your extremely generous contributions (amounting to $28,700 in total!) made a difference to Albuquerque families this year. 

    On Friday morning, we got a recommendation for a great local toy store, so we decided to share the love and headed to “Out of the Blue.” We were so happy with their selection of high-quality, made in the USA, and harder to find toys. The staff was terrific and they even gave us a discount when they found out that we were shopping for Toys for Tots. 

    Our first stop in Albuquerque to buy local.

    We probably should have given a little more thought to our transportation options beforehand, because the car was packed to the gills as we headed to Toys R Us to start the BIG shop and meet up with First Sgt. Finney and a couple of the Marine volunteers.

    After 4 years of shopping for Toys for Tots, our system of moving through the store has continued to get better and better. But, without fail, we still get excited and totally distracted when we first step inside. SO. MANY. TOYS. We all have our jobs to keep us focused though. Or at least, I have my job and it involves wrangling Luc as he bounces around the store, and keeping a running tally of toy costs so I can make sure we’re in the generallllll ballpark. 50 LEGO sets? No Problem. 20 American Girl Dolls? We’ve got a long way to go before we hit our limit. 

    We filled a couple carts with American Girl dolls. Luc was so excited he didn’t know what to do with his hands.

    This year, we were lucky enough to have the help of our good friend Joe from Scout Leather.

    One of the main reasons we like to do the shopping ourselves is because we look for high-quality items that will last kids a long time. Additionally, the Marines have a $29.95 cap per toy when purchasing, but we don’t…so, we can buy some of the really special larger gifts that are great for families or foster homes, churches, etc. Joe was eager to buy a Power Wheels for the kids and when we tallied the final amount raised this year we decided to buy 8 knowing that would make a very happy Christmas for a few families.

    The boys wish they had Power Wheels too.

    Luc grew up on bikes, and if I ever lose him in the aisles, I know where to find him. He takes a lot of care and consideration in picking out bikes that he thinks little kids and teenagers will love and be able to use for a long time. In the past we’ve only been able to buy a couple bikes. This year, we bought over a dozen.

    A few of the bikes and Power Wheels we bought.

    Trying on helmets. All sass.

    When families register for Toys for Tots they disclose the number of children that they have, whether they have boys or girls, and how old they. The kids that are the hardest to buy for (as you might imagine) are the teens ages 14-16. In the past, our limited budget hasn’t really allowed us to buy a large number of gifts that would really be fun for those older kids, and we knew that there were 17 this year whose parents would be coming to the distribution center. Between a couple awesome bikes, and a STACK of tablets, we were able to totally take care of that demographic.

    Luc with his stack of tablets for the teenagers.

    Because the Cypop for Tots contribution was SO big this year, we were able to take care of Albuquerque families, and also fill a trailer full of toys for a neighboring town whose drive had fallen behind.

    Luc stands in front of one of the trailers filled with toys.

    In total, all the shopping took about 6 hours. At least 45 minutes of that time was spent in the checkout line with the friendly and gracious staff at Toys R Us. Afterward, we went over to the Toys for Tots distribution center and helped the Marines and volunteers unload the truck. Joe took a time lapse video to show you the fun.

    Luc brought 5 of the special stamped Cypops made this year for the Marines. We also grabbed our annual shot of the receipt with Sgt. Finney. It’s not a lot longer than last year’s, but with the purchase of a lot of bigger ticket items, it’s much more dense. 


    Luc and First Sgt. Finney stretch the receipt in the distribution center.

    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all your generous contributions to this year’s Cypop for Tots raffle. Toys for Tots is so much more than just giving toys to kids in need, it’s about delivering hope to families at Christmas time. We love being part of this mission, and being able to do this every year. But, it wouldn’t be possible for us to do it without your support. We wish you a happy holiday season and joyful New Year.

    With Admiration and Gratitude,
    Lucas + Maddie

  • 2016 Cypop for Tots

    2016 Cypop for Tots

    Donations are officially closed! Thank you for all the support.

    It looks like we crushed last year’s total. We will follow up with more details soon.

    Thanks for joining our 4th annual 2016 Cypop for Tots raffle! 100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser go to Marine Toys for Tots.

    Entries are $10.00 each, but you can select the number of entries you want to make (more entries means more chances to win and more toys for the kids).

    We’ll run the raffle for 24 hours (ending in the afternoon of December 15th), and then go shopping on Friday the 16th. Winners will be picked on the 16th via random number generator, and this year we’re going to pick 11 winners (!!) and a few more that will get drawn for some special Steel Flame gear and BRNLY schwag packs.

    One 1st place winner will receive a 1/2″ Zirconium Cypop with a Brawler and Beardy Claus stamp inlaid with a black cubic zirconia.

    Ten 2nd place winners will receive a standard brass Cypop with our new exclusive Cypop for Tots and Beardy Claus stamp

    All winners will receive a spot in the Burnley Brawlers Collectors Club (if they’re not already a member). 

    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support and generosity–you’re going to make lots of kids very happy this holiday season.


    Work Hard. Do Good.

    Lucas + Maddie 

  • A History of Our Annual Cypop for Tots

    A History of Our Annual Cypop for Tots

    This year is our 4th annual Cypop for Tots, and we’re hoping it’ll be our best yet. We will begin the raffle starting at 2pm (MDT) on December 14th and run it for 24 hours.

    December is our favorite time of year because we’ve got eggnog on tap and it’s when we get to do our Cypop for Tots fundraiser benefiting the Marine Corps Toys for Tots drive. A charity that’s near and dear to our hearts, Toys for Tots helped Luc and his parents out when he was a little kid. As an adult, he recognizes that the organization isn’t just about toys but about delivering hope to families around the holidays. In the words of Luc, “What better gift can you give than hope?”

    Starting in 2013, Luc began making a special Cypop to raffle off over the course of a 24-hour period with 100% of the raffle proceeds going toward the purchase of toys for a local Toys for Tots organization. The day after the raffle, we put on our Santa hats, gather our families and any helpers who are interested in joining us, and head out to Toys R Us to go shopping.

    In 2013, we ran our first Cypop for Tots drive and our customers raised a collective $2500. We were hooked!

    As we shop, we turn heads with our elf gear and shopping carts packed to the brim. We typically look like fools in the pictures we post on Facebook and Instagram to document the process, but we’re having too much fun to care! What does your $10 raffle ticket purchase go toward, you say? We want to show you!

    n 2014, we ran our Cypop for Tots drive out in Massachusetts and had the help of family and friends on the East Coast. The receipt grew a little bigger…

    Over the years, the smiles we receive, the number of shopping carts we fill, and the length of the receipts continue to grow.

    Last year’s drive in Albuquerque brought in an incredible $10,000. Luc and First Sgt. John Finney stretch the receipt at the Toys for Tots distribution center while the news crew looks on. 

    Last year was our biggest year yet, and the incredibly generous outpouring of support from everyone involved helped to make a huge difference for Albuquerque families. We were able to meet up and shop with a terrific and hardworking team of Marines and volunteers, and then deliver toys to Albuquerque’s Toys for Tots distribution center. Check out the news feature below: 

    Supporting kids and their families around the holidays is enough to put a smile on your face, but this year’s Cypop for Tots, Luc has sweetened the pot with some extra special Cypops and more chances to win. If you’ve read this far, here are a few teasers of what’s to come:

    Work Hard. Do Good.